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BG&ME Creations believes that collaboration is the icing on the cupcake of creativity. Our most satisfying projects have been those that allow us to work with other people to create not just something pretty to wear, but a unique expression of their own style that has a special meaning for them.

That same feeling applies to BG Mask Designs. Several of our own masks we created with colors, images, and fabrics that are special to us. We want to extend those same possibilities to you, so that the community-mindedness of wearing a mask is not just about providing a barrier for germs, but also about sharing the beauty and style that is you.

Here are some ideas and options:

Special Occasions: If you have an upcoming event ... wedding? ... party? ... 

Embroidery: Any design on existing masks can also be used on other fabrics. In addition, there are zillions more that we haven't used yet. If you're into ... llamas? penguins? unicorns? ... we can probably find a design for you.

Repurposed Fabric: Old sheets, shirts you can't wear anymore, or any other lightweight 100% cotton, we can use to get some more use out of it on your face. Maybe a shirt that doesn't fit anymore, but you love the fabric? Or a pillowcase with sentimental value, but has a tear on one side? Or maybe just a scrap of cool fabric that isn't big enough for a full garment?

Colors: What's your favorite color(s)?

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