General Information About BG Masks:

Gallery of all available masks (Page might be slow to load.)

Select by Fit Profile (See description button above.)

Select by Fabric Type

  • "Specialty Fabric Bands" - masks with silk, chintz, and other lush fabrics

  • "Solid Fabric" - no printing or patterns

  • "Printed/Patterned" - stripes, checks, and other designs

  • "Stripes" and "Checks" - specific to those patterns

Select by Style

  • "Playful" - more whimsical and brightly colored fabrics and/or embroidery motifs

  • "Subdued" - more conservative styling

Select by Embroidery Motif

  • "No Embroidery" - all the masks without embroidery

  • "Embroidered" - all embroidery motifs

  • "Abstract" - catch-all for motifs not otherwise categorized

  • "Cats" - we love our kitties, don't we?

  • "Critters" - things that buzz and crawl and fly, oh my!

  • "Floral" - flowers on fabric and/or embroidery

  • "Mythical Creatures" - unicorns, dragons, etc.

  • "Nature" - flora and fauna

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