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Welcome to the Online Home of BG Mask Designs.

Handcrafted in Burbank, California

Masks! Masks! Masks!

We make masks that are comfortable, functional, and durable, and help the wearer express their own personal style.

Browse the buttons for more detailed information, then click here  (or follow "The Masks" link in the menu) to see the masks.

And ... our Etsy Shop is now up and running!

What we really love is collaboration and customization.

It is, after all, your personal style you're expressing. 

If you don't see anything in "The Masks" that speaks to you, check out BG Bespoke for more options.

BG Masks are completely washable

(and we strongly recommend washing any cloth mask before putting it on your face).


A simple "you're welcome" is embroidered in the lining as a gentle reminder to the wearer that the mask is for the benefit of those around us, not ourselves.

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